Global Vacation Ventures Reveals Top Money Saving Travel Tips For Fall

Global Vacation Ventures shares money saving travel tips

Global Vacation Ventures shares money saving travel tips

Global Vacation Ventures knows for all those out there who are in the midst of planning their fall vacation, looking for ways to save is one of the most important aspects of the process. The truth is, no one wants to over pay when it comes to a vacation, but many travelers still want to have an enjoyable experience. Here are some of our favorite tips save money while traveling.

  • Incognito Windows or private browsers are a must when booking flights and hotels online. GVVknows that many might not be aware that travel sites often track your visits, and many of them incorporate setting simply because you have looked at the site before.
  • Anyone who has ever been to the airport knows that the drinks, snacks and meals available are much higher priced than normal. Places like this are banking on the convenience factor and are hoping you are unprepared so they can get away with ridiculous prices. In order to save the most money possible, bring your own food and drinks.
  • One last tip: keep in mind liquids won’t make it past security. Finish your drink beforehand, but instead of buying water at the airport? Save your empty bottle and fill it up after.

Global Vacation Ventures shares that these tips should help any traveler save quite a bit of money on their upcoming vacation, while still having a wonderful time with the people that they care about most.

Global Vacation Ventures Shares Top Tourist Attractions Of Chicago


Global Vacation Ventures

Global Vacation Ventures knows that with a humid continental climate, Chicago enjoys all the seasonal changes nestled beside the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. The city is host to numerous attractions including the 1,353 feet high Sky Deck Chicago, giving viewers an incredible view of not only the city but also four nearby states. The other famous tower to visit is the Sears Tower with the fastest elevators in the world.

If heights are an issue you can explore the Shedd Aquarium housing fish, sharks and jellyfish as well as desert creatures, such as iguanas among the 32,500 animals living in this venue. To check out intriguing artifacts, Global Vacation Ventures suggests a visit to the Field Museum of Natural History, home to a large taxidermy collection and ‘Sue’ the Tyrannosaurus skeleton.

Travelers can also get on the cruise line over the Chicago River to view famous architectural monuments, such as the Willis Tower and the East Bank Club. The river itself is an attraction due to the 1900 project, which reversed its flow from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River with the construction of a series of canal locks.

Global Vacation Ventures recommends a visit to Navy Pier with its splendid gardens and restaurants as well as attractions such as a Ferris wheel, IMAX theater and carousel. Also explore the Children’s Museum and the Smith Museum of Stained Glass, housing 150 pieces of glass art including Tiffany windows.

Global Vacation Ventures members suggest you to sit beside the Buckingham Fountain within Grant Park with its Beaux Arts-style design. The fountain’s spray reaches 15 stories high and has four water-sprouting sea horse statues. Another water feature is the Chicago Water Tower standing at 154 foot tall, which survived the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

Top Locations in Europe Revealed by Global Vacation Ventures


Global Vacation Ventures knows that for many, taking a trip to Europe is a dream come true. In order to help these travelers have the best vacation possible, GVV is sharing some of the destinations that travelers seek out in order to plan the perfect European holiday.

Several Types of Travel Transportation Methods Explained by Global Vacation Ventures

Global Vacation Ventures knows that that traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in life that a person can experience. When it comes to looking for the perfect destination, it can sometimes be confusing to choose a location, since there are so many incredible places to visit around the world.  In addition to picking the perfect vacation spot, it’s important to consider how you will get there. The mode of transportation that you opt for can help you appreciate your travels a lot more.

Plane – Traveling by plane is oftentimes the quickest way to get from one location to your vacation spot. For a more luxurious flying experience, try upgrading your ticket to first class to enjoy all of the amenities of a flight, especially for TransAtlantic flights. The perks you get from this might be worth it, especially on a long journey.

Train –  Global Vacation Ventures knows that traveling by train is among the oldest types of transportation, nevertheless it also can be extremely entertaining. You may opt for from unique kinds of train tickets that consist of sleepers and seats that turn into a bed for lengthy trips. A train allows you to see the countryside in a brand new way.

Ships – Cruise vacations are some of the most enjoyable available. Not only do cruisers get to enjoy all of the amenities and activities on the ship, but they also get to disembark at several ports of call to explore these areas as well.

Global Vacation Ventures recommends that you just take some time to you think about how you are going to get to your vacation destination, as this can actually be half of the fun of the entire trip.

Global Vacation Ventures Discusses Top U.S. Spas for Summer

Global Vacation Ventures, a leading travel agency that provides clients with top-of-the-line country club concierge style services, knows that every traveler deserves a break from the stress of working life. The pace of the working world can be very stressful, and adding taking care of a family or other life responsibilities on top of this and it can quickly become overwhelming. There are some easy cures out there to relieve stress, and some of them happen to be pretty decadent. Try visiting one of these high-class spas in order to rejuvenate after a long summer.

1. Golden Door: This Escondido, Calif. Hide-away is the perfect escape for those who want a retreat into luxury. Only 39 guests are permitted at a time, so a focus on privacy is one of the highlights of this resort. The schedule is customized to fit each person’s individual fitness and health needs and offers visitors classes, beauty treatments and evening seminars. Try the new stand-up meditation class for a relaxing workout.

2. The Greenbrier: This spa, located in White Sulphur Springs in West Virginia, is a perennial resort favorite that offers healing sulfur springs along with European hydrotherapies. Try the private spring-water soaking tubs, and the sauna and steam rooms are the perfect way to start relaxing right away. Also, the resort offers golf, croquet, tennis, white-water rafting and horseback riding for adventure.

While every traveler hopes to have a relaxing vacation, even the planning process can feel difficult at times. Reach out to the experts at Global Vacation Ventures for assistance at

Global Vacation Ventures Showcases Excitement in Las Vegas

Global Vacation Ventures

Global Vacation Ventures Visits The Bellagio Las Vegas

Global Vacation Ventures, a leading vacation provider that offers travelers a different kind of travel planning experience, is known as a country club concierge style travel provide. Take the time to enjoy customized vacation recommendations, including highlights of some of the top places in the world. This summer, Las Vegas seems to be the place to be, so head off to sin city for some of the best cocktails, decadent dining, and nightlife around. While visiting the scenic Strip, be sure to stop by the Bellagio in order to watch one of the largest water fountain shows around. Synced to classic, rock or other popular music, this is fun the whole family can enjoy, best of all for free! For more information about planning your Las Vegas vacation, please visit

Global Vacation Ventures Highlights Fall Vacation Planning Savings

Global Vacation Ventures, a leading provider of luxury vacation planning services, provides customers with a one-of-a-kind country club concierge style travel service. Clients knows that the staff is dedicated to planning and providing the type of vacations many dream about. While many are aware that setting a travel budget is one of the best ways to plan for a vacation, they may not be aware of some of the easy ways to save.

1. Open a Dedicated Savings Account: For those who are serious about making an effort to save, a dedicated savings account is a great way to start.  Some people might not be aware of how this type of account works, but a dedicated savings is an account that won’t allow

2. Set Up Automatic Transfers: Once you have a dedicated account set up, there has to be funds set aside. Transferring just $14 a week (only $2 a day) adds up to over $700 dollars within a year, and is a small amount they most won’t even notice getting taken out.

3. Trust Someone Else To Do It:  For those who don’t feel the above route is best, you can always pretend you are “paying” a bill and give the money to a family member or friend to hold on. This is a great way to save since you won’t have access to spending it.

Global Vacation Ventures knows that these easy ways to set aside money will help anyone save up for their travel goals. For more travel tips or information about how to get started planning your vacation today, please visit

Global Vacation Ventures Highlights How To Protect Your Laptop for Frequent Travelers

Global Vacation Ventures, a leading provider of country club concierge travel services, knows that even while traveling, there are often things that must be handled even when away from home. Often, the best way to handle these things are For those who are carting their computer around from one part of the world to another, it’s important to note this can lead to more wear and tear than normal. In order to avoid replacing a computer more frequently than really needed, it’s important to find ways to take the best care of it as possible.  Here are some tips for all those frequent travelers out there:

  • Pack Properly: Global Vacation Ventures starts the list with an easy yet important tip:  the top way to maintain any computer is to simply pack it up in its protective case. If not available, at least use a some type of purse, backpack or tote to protect it.
  • Carry with care:  Many frequent fliers out there check their laptop into their suitcase, but this is the first thing not to do. Not only can baggage handlers be rough with your stuff, but there are also nearly subzero temperatures in the airplane holding area can cause your screen or battery to crack. The best thing to avoid this is to carry it with you at all times.
  • Work Smart: Last but certainly not least, be sure to use your laptop on a flat, dry surface. Airflow is important, and your laptop has a passive cooling system to help keep it running smoothly. So for a long flight, don’t use your computer on your lap—table tray only.

On average, it’s expected to have at least five years of heavy use out of a laptop, so by using these smart tips, any traveler can ensure a longer lasting investment.

Global Vacation Ventures Reviews Tips for Bringing Special Items on a Flight

Global Vacation Ventures knows that for those who work in airlines, they have seen it all. Passengers from all around the globe try to transport a variety of unusual items, and there are important rules for each and every one of them.

  1. Musical Instruments: These items are allowed as either a carry-on or checked in baggage, but it is always a good idea to check with a respective airline prior to a flight to ensure instruments meet any size restrictions or requirement. Also, security officers must x-ray or physically screen instruments before they can be transported.
  1. Currency, Coin, Valuable Jewelry and More:  If carrying valuable items, it is recommended to request that a security officer screens the traveler and carry-on luggage in private. This can help maintain personal safer and security of personal property. Global Vacation Ventures suggests speaking with a screening supervisor before reaching the metal detectors and request to be screened privately by explaining the reasons why.
  1. Sporting Equipment: Certain things are not allowed to be brought on board on aircraft, but are often allowed to be transported to a destination via checked bags. These include items such as baseball bats, hockey sticks, martial arts equipment, golf clubs, pool cues, ski poles and more. This is because sharp and blunt objects in checked bags have the potential to harm somebody. Even if included in checked bags, these items should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injuries to airline staff and other travelers.