Global Vacation Ventures Takes a Trip to the Oregon Coast

Take a trip to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area on an ATV.

Take a trip to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area on an ATV.

Global Vacation Ventures knows that the Pacific Northwest offers breathtaking natural scenery. This is especially exemplified by the beauty of the Oregon Coast. Miles of beaches blend with friendly art towns.

The accommodations range from luxurious rooms to laid back places right on the golf course. The region is famous for whale watching. Nature lovers will be in awe of the spectacular marine life all over the area.Cannon Beach is one of the most famous destinations for bird watching in the world. Travelers can sit on the beach with an expansive forest in the background, and watch a variety of birds take to the sky. Each June Cannon Beach holds an incredibly fun Sand Castle building contest.

Global Vacation Ventures recommends that ATV enthusiasts take a trip to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. It is the largest expanse of sand dunes in North America, stretching on for a staggering 40 miles. ATV riders can fly through the exciting dunes and have the thrill of a lifetime. The Oregon Coast is truly a scenic paradise.

Global Vacation Ventures Takes You To Orange State, Florida

Global Vacation Ventures enjoy Universal Studios Florida

Global Vacation Ventures enjoy Universal Studios Florida

Global Vacation Ventures customers have always found Florida to be the perfect vacation spot to spend quality time with their buddies and families. With its exhilarating sights, mouth-watering cuisines and sandy seashores, Florida has never failed to joy its site visitors.

A lot more popularly referred to as the Sunshine State, Florida stays sunny round the year and those who seriously enjoy the sun produce tans to show off back at residence. Global Vacation Ventures recommends that among its attractions the Florida Aquarium situated in Tampa Bay is a must for a visit. Right here website visitors can swim side by side with the fishes and get the opportunity to dive with the sharks and dolphins.

The famed Walt Disney Globe Resort is also the reason that most people book in as they deliver their family members to an entertaining filled holiday during their holidays.Global Vacation Venturestravelers have the privilege of acquiring discount tickets to its famed themed park popularly referred to as Busch Gardens with some of the most pleasurable water rides. Together with beautiful plantations visitors can also delight in on the amusement park with their whole household as they have exciting filled pursuits for people today of all ages. In addition to theme parks and aquariums vacationers can pay a visit to the famous Kennedy Area Center and see spaceship control gear and real control rooms. Global Vacation Ventures members have continually loved Florida and re-ignited their spirits and revitalize their souls though vacationing on this sunny vacation spot.

Global Vacation Ventures members reside inside most luxurious resorts at reasonably priced accommodations and take pleasure in their honeymoon or family members’ vacation and make by far the most of it. House owners can even hire their timeshares and make money from the method by offering lodging to adventure seekers who like invest good quality time on an affordable spending budget.

Global Vacation Ventures Visit The Humpback Whales at Banderas Bay

Scenic view of the beautiful coastline of Banderas Bay Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Scenic view of the beautiful coastline of Banderas Bay Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Global Vacation Ventures recommends people who want to watch the largest mammals in the Animal Kingdom to visit Banderas Bay. As from December to April they can be seen in this area because each year they travel from the North Pole to the Coast of the Pacific.

Tourists admire the humpback whales from the shores when they holiday in Puerto Vallarta. See the humpback whales from the land and the sea as they congregate along its coast. And if you are holidaying during the month of December to April you can enjoy a rafting tour and see them at close proximity. You need to carry your binoculars and take the necessary medications so that you don’t end up with sea sickness.

Global Vacation Ventures states that the Sea Life Water Park can be the perfect hot spot for family fun as there are 15 acres of wet and wild fun, action and adventure with pools, rivers and slides that challenge and delight the young kids. The life at this park is full of surprises and tourist love to marvel at the beautiful sunsets of Puerto Vallarta where they can discover romance and passion as the crimson sun dips into its deep emerald waters.

Global Vacation Ventures Presents Mexico Travel: Important Things To Be Aware Of

A view of the beachside condos and apartments in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

A view of the beachside condos and apartments in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Many magazines, guidebooks, and websites offer adequate information on Mexico as a country. There is no doubt that Mexico is one of the most visited destinations in the world today. Part of this reason has to do with the incredible nature, beaches, resorts, and people that this country boasts of. Global Vacation Ventures knows that visitors will find plenty of reasons to come back. As you are travelling to this great country, it is essential to be aware of a number of things.

For those who are flying to Mexico, in spite of the intended length of stay, it is highly recommended that you get a Mexican Tourist Card. It is normally validated for one hundred and eighty days. This is a simple document just like a customer declaration form that is usually given to tourists on the plane once you are about to land.

Upon landing, if you choose to use a cab to your hotel or resort, it is paramount that you be extremelycautious. It’s important to be aware there are some taxi drivers that are known to rip off tourists. taxis drivers have the habit of ripping their passengers off. What is more is the fact that some can plan with kidnappers or muggers. As you use a cab, try to be extremely cautious.

Will you drive once in Mexico? If the answer is yes, make sure to stay safe. Keep your eyes on the road, Observe all traffic rules. This will make sure to help visitors avoid unpleasant accidents or tickets while traveling in Mexico with Global Vacation Ventures.

Global Vacation Ventures Highlights Seattle’s Museum of Flight

Global Vacation Ventures enjoy their visit to Seattle's Museum of Flight

Global Vacation Ventures enjoy their visit to Seattle.

Global Vacation Ventures shares that for anyone who will be in the Seattle area during the fall season, there is one museum that will captivate the attention of adults and children alike. This venue is one of the most popular places to spend time at in Seattle, and receives over 400,000 visitors each year to check out the different aircrafts and more in the Great Gallery.

The Museum of Flight has been around since 1965, but some of the exhibits and artifacts date back much further. September marks the 70th anniversary of the first launch of the V-2 ballistic missile. For all those out there who are interested in history, especially when it comes to World War II, they may remember this as one of Germany’s most powerful weapons. This was also the first flying object in history to reach the fringes of space.

For those who would like the opportunity to hear more about this, be sure to attend an exclusive lecture presented by military historian Dr. JD Wyneken, where he will speak about the background of the controversial program and also explores the influence that this vehicle had on the development of other postwar space programs in both the United States and the Soviet Union. All those who are interested to learn more, be sure to stop by Saturday, September 13 from at 2:00 pm.

Global Vacation Ventures knows that Seattle is an amazing destination for those who are looking for affordable ways to be entertained, especially for those who enjoy airplanes and other flying vehicles.

Global Vacation Ventures Reveals Top Money Saving Travel Tips For Fall

Global Vacation Ventures shares money saving travel tips

Global Vacation Ventures shares money saving travel tips

Global Vacation Ventures knows for all those out there who are in the midst of planning their fall vacation, looking for ways to save is one of the most important aspects of the process. The truth is, no one wants to over pay when it comes to a vacation, but many travelers still want to have an enjoyable experience. Here are some of our favorite tips save money while traveling.

  • Incognito Windows or private browsers are a must when booking flights and hotels online. GVVknows that many might not be aware that travel sites often track your visits, and many of them incorporate setting simply because you have looked at the site before.
  • Anyone who has ever been to the airport knows that the drinks, snacks and meals available are much higher priced than normal. Places like this are banking on the convenience factor and are hoping you are unprepared so they can get away with ridiculous prices. In order to save the most money possible, bring your own food and drinks.
  • One last tip: keep in mind liquids won’t make it past security. Finish your drink beforehand, but instead of buying water at the airport? Save your empty bottle and fill it up after.

Global Vacation Ventures shares that these tips should help any traveler save quite a bit of money on their upcoming vacation, while still having a wonderful time with the people that they care about most.

Global Vacation Ventures Shares Top Tourist Attractions Of Chicago


Global Vacation Ventures

Global Vacation Ventures knows that with a humid continental climate, Chicago enjoys all the seasonal changes nestled beside the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. The city is host to numerous attractions including the 1,353 feet high Sky Deck Chicago, giving viewers an incredible view of not only the city but also four nearby states. The other famous tower to visit is the Sears Tower with the fastest elevators in the world.

If heights are an issue you can explore the Shedd Aquarium housing fish, sharks and jellyfish as well as desert creatures, such as iguanas among the 32,500 animals living in this venue. To check out intriguing artifacts, Global Vacation Ventures suggests a visit to the Field Museum of Natural History, home to a large taxidermy collection and ‘Sue’ the Tyrannosaurus skeleton.

Travelers can also get on the cruise line over the Chicago River to view famous architectural monuments, such as the Willis Tower and the East Bank Club. The river itself is an attraction due to the 1900 project, which reversed its flow from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River with the construction of a series of canal locks.

Global Vacation Ventures recommends a visit to Navy Pier with its splendid gardens and restaurants as well as attractions such as a Ferris wheel, IMAX theater and carousel. Also explore the Children’s Museum and the Smith Museum of Stained Glass, housing 150 pieces of glass art including Tiffany windows.

Global Vacation Ventures members suggest you to sit beside the Buckingham Fountain within Grant Park with its Beaux Arts-style design. The fountain’s spray reaches 15 stories high and has four water-sprouting sea horse statues. Another water feature is the Chicago Water Tower standing at 154 foot tall, which survived the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

Top Locations in Europe Revealed by Global Vacation Ventures


Global Vacation Ventures knows that for many, taking a trip to Europe is a dream come true. In order to help these travelers have the best vacation possible, GVV is sharing some of the destinations that travelers seek out in order to plan the perfect European holiday.

Several Types of Travel Transportation Methods Explained by Global Vacation Ventures

Global Vacation Ventures knows that that traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in life that a person can experience. When it comes to looking for the perfect destination, it can sometimes be confusing to choose a location, since there are so many incredible places to visit around the world.  In addition to picking the perfect vacation spot, it’s important to consider how you will get there. The mode of transportation that you opt for can help you appreciate your travels a lot more.

Plane – Traveling by plane is oftentimes the quickest way to get from one location to your vacation spot. For a more luxurious flying experience, try upgrading your ticket to first class to enjoy all of the amenities of a flight, especially for TransAtlantic flights. The perks you get from this might be worth it, especially on a long journey.

Train –  Global Vacation Ventures knows that traveling by train is among the oldest types of transportation, nevertheless it also can be extremely entertaining. You may opt for from unique kinds of train tickets that consist of sleepers and seats that turn into a bed for lengthy trips. A train allows you to see the countryside in a brand new way.

Ships – Cruise vacations are some of the most enjoyable available. Not only do cruisers get to enjoy all of the amenities and activities on the ship, but they also get to disembark at several ports of call to explore these areas as well.

Global Vacation Ventures recommends that you just take some time to you think about how you are going to get to your vacation destination, as this can actually be half of the fun of the entire trip.

Global Vacation Ventures Discusses Top U.S. Spas for Summer

Global Vacation Ventures, a leading travel agency that provides clients with top-of-the-line country club concierge style services, knows that every traveler deserves a break from the stress of working life. The pace of the working world can be very stressful, and adding taking care of a family or other life responsibilities on top of this and it can quickly become overwhelming. There are some easy cures out there to relieve stress, and some of them happen to be pretty decadent. Try visiting one of these high-class spas in order to rejuvenate after a long summer.

1. Golden Door: This Escondido, Calif. Hide-away is the perfect escape for those who want a retreat into luxury. Only 39 guests are permitted at a time, so a focus on privacy is one of the highlights of this resort. The schedule is customized to fit each person’s individual fitness and health needs and offers visitors classes, beauty treatments and evening seminars. Try the new stand-up meditation class for a relaxing workout.

2. The Greenbrier: This spa, located in White Sulphur Springs in West Virginia, is a perennial resort favorite that offers healing sulfur springs along with European hydrotherapies. Try the private spring-water soaking tubs, and the sauna and steam rooms are the perfect way to start relaxing right away. Also, the resort offers golf, croquet, tennis, white-water rafting and horseback riding for adventure.

While every traveler hopes to have a relaxing vacation, even the planning process can feel difficult at times. Reach out to the experts at Global Vacation Ventures for assistance at